Stephanie De Zilva - Paediatric Dietician

The Team

Marina Mancino

Allied Health Assistant

Marina is passionate and brings a wealth of experience to her role, having worked as a disability support worker and now specialising in paediatric care. Currently in her 3rd year studying Occupational Therapy at Southern Cross University, Marina also holds a Diploma in Visual Arts and is a certified Yoga Teacher with over a decade of practice.

Marina embodies a sincere understanding of inclusivity and diversity stemming from her lived experiences with neurodivergent family members. This has fuelled her dedication to creating inclusive and supportive spaces for kids to thrive. She’s all about embracing individuality and making sure every child feels safe, supported and valued.

Collaborating closely with our Occupational Therapists Marina conducts tailored therapy sessions in various settings that always prioritize the child’s individual needs.

Outside work, she enjoys an active and creative lifestyle, practicing yoga, painting, and going for beach walks. Marina’s genuine passion for child-cantered care makes her a valuable asset in promoting children’s holistic health and well-being.