Little People Therapies

Our Approach

Little People Therapies is a family centred and evidence based practice. We believe that the family is the expert in their child’s life, and the goals that we work on in therapy are based on the challenges that the child and family experience.

To optimise outcomes, we offer parent psycho-education and utilise approaches that are always informed by both the child’s experience and progressive clinical practices. Our therapy is neuro-affirming, strengths based and focused on building a child’s sense of self and belonging, while supporting the family to be their child’s best advocate.

Our aim is to work as a team with the family to problem solve together so that parents and caregivers feel equipped to support their child in between sessions and following the conclusion of therapy. We work closely with families to develop achievable therapy plans and regularly discuss progress to make sure families are getting the most out of their therapy sessions. For best outcomes, our therapeutic interventions involve extensive family and stakeholder collaboration and consultation. 

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